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Need Allergy Relief and Odor Removal Billings MT? Nestled in the Yellowstone valley of Montana, Billings is fast growing city surrounded by 7 distinct mountain Ridges. Spring is a special time in Montana. The clear, fresh air and spectacular views have attracted many health-conscious families who were attracted to the clear skies and fresh air. Spring is even more refreshing. Nothing is more revitalizing than a breath of freshly sanitized, pollen free and allergen free air.

That fresh air is probably a reason why residents in the Billings MT region are so sensitive about odors. Household odors can be particularly troublesome and embarrassing to a homeowner. They can also be dangerous to a family’s health if the underlying causes are not eliminated quickly.

In the past, concerned homeowners faced a dilemma because there was no effective odor removal solution on the market. Consequently, they were often forced to try harsh toxic chemicals and products like bleach to attack their odors. But, as homeowners soon discovered, those products are not effective.

There did exist a number of “solutions” for the ages-old odor problems, but they never resolved the problems in spite of many attempts. All attempts merely disguised or masked the odors. There were no products that proved to be effective, nor was there any odor removal service, odor spray, wick or chemical that could get rid of odors, despite of the claims of the manufacturers.

Over the decades odor removal products for home use have changed Way back to when fresh cut flowers were often used as a common odor eliminator. The old nursery rhyme “Pockets full of posies” dates back to the Middle Ages and refers to the practice of stuffing the pockets of a deceased person with the most fragrant posies or flowers that happened to be in season to mask the odor or fast-decaying corpses. It probably helped in summer, but winter was not a great time for fresh flowers.

Centuries later, the introduction of absorbent deodorizing wicks designed to releases a flowery scent into the air replaced posies Soon odor masking spray devices became fashionable. Wall plug-ins and numerous semi-gimmicky exotic perfumed scents followed. Interestingly, none of the purported odor removal services or methods that claimed to be successful in the odor removal service industry were not able to permanently remove odors in spite of their claims.

Things hadn’t changed much in the past decade until something great happened to the odor removal industry. The happening was the introduction of the JUST GONE , a remarkable Allergy Relief and Odor Removal process which we’re currently offering residents of Billings MT and the neighboring towns of

Billings Heights, MT
Cameron Park, MT
Hirsch, MT
Lockwood, MT
Yegen, MT
Cline, MT

Baseline, MT
Rimrock, MT
Hesper, MT
Mossmain, MT
Huntley, MT

Acton, MT
Shepherd, MT
Laurel, MT
Indian Arrow, MT
Knox, MT
Soda Springs, MT

At last there was a completely safe, 100 percent effective way to remove the toughest odors in virtually any conceivable location especially in homes, but also in many other areas where humans gather, especially….

Health clubs
School gyms
Fitness gyms
Martial arts facilities
Racquetball clubs
Car, RV, & Boat dealers
Day care facilities
Healthcare facilities
Real Estate professionals
And many many more

Think about it. Imagine a life without stink! No horrible sewer smells, septic odors, mildew, unseemly pet odors, tobacco and cigarette smoke odors, animal scents, nursing home urine smells, not even the pervasive scent of skunk and other obnoxious odors to contend with. They can all disappear permanently — JUST GONE What’s’ that worth? It can be worth lot to folks who have been plagued with perpetual odor situation. The good new is that the cost is minimal.

Before going any further, you should know more about this remarkable product and the odor removal company near you. We touched briefly on Chlorine Dioxide
Chlorine Dioxide is the key element of this huge breakthrough in odor removal in homes and other closed structures. The secret behind this remarkable discovery are the active elements that are combined and used in the JUST GONE SYSTEM – Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2). When properly applied, this amazing product heads directly to the source of the stink – bacteria. That bacteria is not only the cause of odors, it is also the origin of

Disease, allergens and virus laden germs and bacteria can cause a number of health problems for vulnerable family members. The JUST GONE System is guaranteed to remove these elements from a home’s environment even from the hidden niches and corners of the house. The ingredients are completely safe and incredibly effective. CLO2 is currently used in municipal water facilities, hospitals and other areas.

CHlorine Dioxide abilities were first discovered in 1911, but it was the development of an inexpensive and reliable delivery method for the CLO2 system that opened the doors to an entirely new range of uses. That process enables JUST GONE technicians to convert the components into a safe gaseous product that seeks out and destroys odors at their source.

Odors arise from the reaction of bacteria on decomposing matter. A dead critter (mouse, rat, raccoon), that ended its life somewhere between your basement walls, or garbage left to rot while you are vacationing can result in horrific smelling home and perhaps begin the spread of the worst offenders, mildew and mold that can set off an allergen attack by anyone who suffers from common allergic reactions. Kids are particularly vulnerable and until the allergens are removed, may continue to cough, wheeze and leave a trail of dripping noses in their wake.

To set matters straight, detractors of this proven system have made false claims about the product. They erroneously state that CLO2 is actually another name for common bleach. The fact is that the Just GONE product is one molecule apart from Chlorine which in this reference is the difference between night and day. Because it contains no elements of free chlorine, it does not chlorinate like chlorine bleach. It has a very low amount of toxicity. It is not an irritant and will cause no deterioration of surfaces it comes in contact wit. Many experts have called CLO2 the ideal biocide and a reliable Allergy and Odor removal process for use in homes and businesses in Billings MT residents.

As your local odor removal service, we have discovered and successfully removed both odors and allergens from the areas of greatest concern. They include:

There are many creative and functional applications for this product in your home or business. As your local odor removal expert, we have successfully used the power of CLO2 in many diverse situations. Forget those Visions of stink that dance through your head reviving forgotten memories of your life’s worst encounters with horrible smelling objects or mysterious whiffs of odor ridden air. While you ponder, here are some areas where we have had successes with the magical properties of JUST GONE.


Logic says that a clean, fresh smelling home is a healthy home. But, there are times when even the best kept homes can be overcome by strong odors from unknown sources. A backed-up drain or a leaking toilet can be the beginning of a deep stink that gets absorbed into the sub floors and in between walls and furniture and is usually difficult to reach.

Flooding caused by heavy torrential rains, long hidden leaks in your attic caused by defective shingles can cause mold to grow in your attic. The caustic smell of cat urine is often the cause, as is a dead critter hidden somewhere between your walls. How about a raccoon nest in the attic? Food dumped under your sofa or the smells often associated with caring for the elderly, these and dozens of other factors can account for strong odors to become absorbed deep into your home and furnishings. Businesses and offices can run into their own foul odors that grow more objectionable with the passing of time. JUST GONE gets to the source of offensive unhealthy odors and eliminates them on the spot.


According to many consumers, cigarette smoke, particularly old baked on particles are the most offensive and most difficult odors to remove. There are numerous individuals and services including servpro cigarette smoke removal that devote their efforts to removing odors from cars and other vehicles. These are places where odors can have a negative impact on the actual value and saleability of these items. Understandably, no one, except perhaps a heavy smoker, wants to own a car, boat or a camper that smells as if the entire Russian Army trudged through it in the heat of summer. The fix is an application of JUST GONE, a product worth knowing about, especially if you should ever have a need to capture and hold several hundred thousand foul smelling, cigarette smoking Russian troops.


It appears that kids seem always to be affected with colds, running noses, and vulnerability to a host of common germs and viruses need protection from all those nasties. JUST GONE indicate all traces of those unhealthy elements and adds a layer of protection for your vulnerable school age children. It is an affordable and effective approach and can at least minimize the seriousness of many of the common childhood afflictions.

HEALTHCARE FACILITIES Can Benefit From CLO2 and Our Expertise.

Various strains of unhealthy bacteria and an assortment of potentially dangerou and spreadable viruses and diseases including:
Amoebae and many more are threats to our medical system.

Numerous facilities have been shut down because of contamination from dangerous germs and viruses. Regular periodic follow-up use of JUST GONE will control contagious infections and outbreaks of diseases in operating rooms,procedure rooms and in waiting rooms and doctor’s offices and clinics.

Healthcare facilities particularly surgical centers and other first line medical facilities are breeding grounds for bacteria. Traditional sanitizing and cleaning procedures are nowhere near as reliable as JUST GONE when it comes to controlling and ending the outbreaks of contagious infections in areas where sick people congregate, as in doctor’s offices, and clinics.

If you are sick and tired of the many foul odors that result from bacteria in your home, you now have choices.Are you ready to totally clean and sanitize your facility? Call us when you run into the problematic “bugs” that can be eliminate with our Just Gone Allergy Relief and Odor removal in Billings, MT.

Real Estate Agents.
Are You Looking for Permanent Answers for Removing Smoke and Other Difficult Odors In Properties You Have Listed or would like to List?

Smoke and other odors, especially tobacco smoke, and litter boxes, cooking odors (curry), mold, mildew and dozens of other odors can be deal killers. No nne appreciates these odors that are commonly found in older homes. They may look great, but when you subject them to the smell test, the nose knows when there is something rotten in Rotterdam or in Billings Montana.

Everyone in the communities mentioned early can benefit from an application of the amazing JUST GONE Allergy Relief and Odor Removal in Billings MT. Why not make our remarkable odor removal System part of your spring cleaning routine. Ask about our top rated carpet cleaning program. We expect a high demand for our services. Call now for allergy relief and Odor removal in Billings, MT.

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